02 August 2010


Last Friday, I joined a Family Day Counseling in my university. It was involving all students in the Counseling course to participate from first until forth year. I am the one too.This event was organised by my junior in Third Year. Actually, I feel not interest to participate on it because all my friends already back to home and others went out for their own way. But one of my friends, Zuraidah message me to invite me for came along with her, so I just go and prepare myself to join that event.

The celebration focused more on "sukaneka" which means we enjoyed ourselves and to build a close relationship between each others. Even we were in the same area, but its not means I knew everyone. The official ceremony had done by Vice of Dean, Dr. Radhi. There also others lecturers Madam Salhah and Madam Rezki Perdani Sawai. The event started at 3.30 until 6.00 pm in the evening. All of us was dividing into a few groups to ensure there will be all students in various years in one groups.

Date : 30 July 2010
Place : Pavilion, USIM
Theme : "Kaunseling Keluargaku"
Group : 1
Members : Fahrizal, Aniq, Zuraidah, Sanida, Nashriah, Nad and others.....

The first game that organised by the organizer was explorace. It started at Pavilion with the first task which was arrange the letter to make one word. By a word of ASSERTIVENESS, our group move to the second check point which was Canselori. At there, we needed to find one thing that should not be able to be there. Huhu...searching..searching and one of my group member find out that thing which was green ribbon. After that, we got the other clue for third check point by a "pantun", a few minutes to understands the meaning of "pantun" and we got the clue. We ran to the guard place to settle the task. The task was we needed to eat a biscuits, "agar-agar" and the best syrup in the world, because we are in the time to save sugar so the organizer made it by using a salt. I do not drink that syrup and just took a biscuit to complete the task. Finishing the task, we got a clue for the fourth check point which was the last one. The clue that was given by the organizer was 8516. It took time to find the meaning, we adding it and multiple it but there had no correct answer until the one of us can detect what it knew what... HEP..we needed to recall on the abjad of ABC to get the answer. So blurring that time..but game was over..after got the clue we ran to HEP to finish the task. At there we needed to sing a song or maybe dance or whatever activities. We agreed to sing "SANG ULAT BULU" song to complete the task. So funny to remind back but at least we can finish the first game successfully in the first place. Unfortunately, the winning was cancelled by the organizer bcoz of there was a few of my group member ride a motorcycle in the race. It's okay bcoz we just have fun..This game made me feel so tired bcoz we needed to run in various place of USIM to settle down the game.

The starting for "Sukaneka". For this game, we needed to carry an egg in the spoon with different side of walk. It was not difficult bcoz we used hand comparing used mouth. We just passing the spoon with egg to other group member to finish the game. Hmmm...finally we win this game.

For this game, we needed to choose three of our group members to stand in the middle of circle with the close of eyes using selendang. While the others who outside from circle needed to give an instruction to all the blind. The task was to collect all the sweets in the circle and put in glass that provided by the organizer. Outside member gave an instruction while the blind needed to hear and collect all the sweets. The first group who can finish that part will win the game. Unfortunately we just got the fourth place for this task.

This was usual game that my friends and I played since we were in kindergarten. As usual we needed to blow the wheat to get the sweets. The fastest one who can get all the sweets will win. I do not join this game bcoz it made my face seem like ghost..hahaha...actually don't want to made my face fully with the wheat.

This was the last one bfore end. For this task one of our group member needed to be like a model while the other needed to create a cloth to him. The name of cloth was given by the organizer. So, my group got the Jawa fashion. We needed to create a cloth using an old newspapers and adding with a few tudung to complete the cloth. We used knife and tape to make it more tight. Already got the JAVAIAN that evening.

From this event, I really hope that my future junior can do it as an annually event to ensure that all counseling members will never forgotten about this event. It can made our relationship between each other become close and can know everyone better. This entry was quite long but I feel happy to write and share this experience. When, I remember this moment, I can read through this entry again in my future. It will make my memory with all my friends and my junior meaningful in my life.



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