21 October 2010


7.30 AM...Pom...Pom...Pom...
Bus already arriving at my residential college.
So early??? It will be late if I'm not took the bus on that time.
For what??? Visiting again for this week.
Where??? Today my friends and I went to Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara (UITM) Shah Alam.

Arriving there...ape lg my Samsung S860 doing their job..huhu. Snap here...snap there to have as many as can the beautiful pictures. .huhu. That was some view of UITM, Shah Alam. Starting by entrance gate follow by the canselori and also the department.

The place that my friends and I visiting for today is "Bahagian Perkhidmatan Psikologi"(BPPs).It was built on 2002 and the first IPTA who have that kind of service which means workplace counseling. It was headed by Madam Nor Hanita Binti Mohd Shariff and assist by another staff as u can see on the pictures above. There have four counselors who in charge to handle a session with all staff in all UITM at Malaysia.

There have two counseling rooms which called as "Bilik As-Sakinah". The session will be handling there. U can see the demonstration between counselor and clients..hehe. The room is really therapeutic to have session. The environment, arrangement and also the colour of that room can influence clients to come again and again.

Before leaving, there have gift giving session between two sides of USIM and UITM. Thanks a lot to all staff in "Bahagian Perkhidmatan Psikologi, UITM,Shah Alam. After that, we had one hour journey back to Nilai. All the experience and knowledge that we got for today will be reflect in our report. To all my frenz lets do your report...huhu.


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