30 October 2010


Finally, semester 7 ends. Time flies so fast. Alhamdulillah grateful to God for gave me the opportunity to finish my 7 semester successfully. One semester to be left before holding Bachelor of Counseling with Honor. For the last semester next year, I already become a practicum counselor. It really challenging, the real situation will be facing by me.

For this semester, I feel relax and enjoy because I only had two days of classes comparing the semester before this which I had classes for everyday. It happen because I just took three subjects including Workplace Counseling, Moral Rehabilitation Counseling and also Current Social Issues.

Even only three subjects that I took but the task came with various types such visit, interview and also the presentation and assignment. Each subject have their own task that I need to be finish. So, for the visit I needed to arrange a visit to the organization that selected by my lecturer. For an interview I needed to find and search for Moral Rehabilitation Center to make an interview with the people who were placed at there. For the presentation, I need to collect information and content through book or internet. It was not easy even it look little subject.

Besides that, there also have a program that I joined outside of university during this semester. For the earlier semester, I went to SMA Al-Ihsan, Kuantan, Pahang for motivation program with students in Form3, 5, and Upper Six. That was my first experience as a facilitator to a group of students. I enjoy doing that task. Besides that, I also joined the program at University of Malaya which is "Seminar Kaunseling". The seminar was collaboration between both universities Malaysia and Indonesia.

Furthermore, there also have many forum that I going through which were Current Social Forum, talk from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) and also Financial Seminar by AKPK. All of this show to my friends and I there have a lot of information we need to have and know for becoming a great counselor. " Counselor must be knowledgeable", and "Good Listener".

The challenging part that I needed to go through for this semester was my academic project entitle "The relationship between Stress and Personality among First Year Students in Faculty of Leadership and Management, USIM. I need to settle down this academic project in one semester and must be submitted before doing my practicum next year. It really take an effort and time to finish it on time.

As I told in the previous entry, this semester is the last semester I will be at USIM and next year all of us will be on their own way and separate each other. North, South, West and East will separate all of us. Prepared for our practicum in various kind of organizations that select by our self.

It was all about my experience and activities through this semester. Thanks to everyone who help me in any matters. All of u such a great person...


Nadiah Sidek said...

kaunselor rupanya. nnt kalau akak perlukan khidmat kaunselor takyah cari org lain je la. kat akak FOC je ek. hehe..

CIK TOM said...

wow become caunselor??great 1 n cograts to u dear..keep it up!

Affieza said...

K.Nadiah : haha...blh je kak

Cik Tom : Thanks

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