24 September 2010


"Jamuan Raya" again for today. It was organised by SPADA and headed by Director of ACREDA Dr. Abd. Halim Mohd Hussin. If yesterday have various kinds of dishes...lets see 4 today menu...hmm so many2...Satay the important one, add by mee kari, bihun, lemang, rendang and kuih-muih... mana best jamuan raya kalau tak de kuih raya. The special "air cendol and some other water.

The decoration 4 today events....with the ketupat2 yg tgantung and so nice mix with colourful lamp. Feel like in the open house for party. So great this "Jamuan Raya" and very happening.

A group of people who keep talking, smiling and eating. This corner full with people who come to join this "Jamuan Raya". Perut kenyang hati pn senang...huhu

A few of Counseling Fourth Year Students.
Not at all attended this "Jamuan Raya" but photography session had been done successfully.
Diaorang mmg pantang nmpk kamera ni...

Pic with Director of ACREDA Dr. Abd.Halim Mohd Hussin.
He also is one of our lecturer in counseling course.


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