25 September 2010


Eating's time again...Thursday, Friday and Saturday..huhu. Today, I got the opportunity to attend "Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri PERKAMA". The opportunity came because I was inviting to join Seminar Kaunseling at University of Malaya. So, the seminar going through with Aidilfitri celebration by PERKAMA. The dishes for today is not bad because I can eat Laksa Penang, Spaghetti, Satay,Nasi Himpit, ABC and some more. The dishes made the hungry stomach full with various types of dishes.

There were many people who came and joined this celebration. They came from Board Director of PERKAMA, students in various kinds of IPTA and from Indonesia too. They enjoy the celebration and dishes too..

My friends and I choose this corner to enjoy the delicious "laksa" and sweet "ABC" add by hottest satay...sgt laris tak sempat msuk bekas dh hbis...Congrats for PERKAMA for having this Aidilfitri celebration.

psssttt:- 3hari bturut2 brada di jmuan raya...perut dh tak tau nk ckp mcm mana coz tuan nyer dh sumbat masuk mcm2 mknnn...hehe


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