26 September 2010


Yesterday, University of Malaya organised "SEMINAR KAUNSELING" at Auditorium Faculty of Education. I went there as one of participant in that seminar. The seminar started by the talk from Y.Bhg.Dr.Suradi Salim with the topic "Keperluan Perkhidmatan Kaunseling dalam Menangani Isu Masyarakat Masa Kini". He emphasized on social problem in our country in his talk. Besides that, he also discussed on what counselor can do to avoid this problem from happen, psychological intervention,psychological education, crisis intervention and about counseling too.

After that, the seminar continued with the presentation paper work from IPT students and PERKAMA's committees. All participants was divided into three group in three different rooms. For my room, there were presentation from students in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and University of Malaya under topic "Underachievement". Then, the presentation continue with Encik Zamzuri Bin Ghani who is one of lecturer in UM and also students in PHD there. He is one of OKU and his presentation under topic "Keperluan Rehabilitasi Kepada Golongan Kurang Upaya Di Malaysia". Really proud of him because even he cannot see the real world but he can delivered his talk very well.

From left:- Saudari Ilyana Binti Ilyas (Moderator), Saudari Siti Zanariah (UPM), Saudari Lakshumy a/p K.Kumar (UM), Saudara Mohd Fahrizal Asmy Bin Mohd Ali (USIM).

For the evening, the seminar continued with "Forum Bicara Kaunseling". The forum was discussing on "Kaunselor Cemerlang Menjana Transformasi Masyarakat". Three panelist from three different universities explain and elaborate about the topic very well. In the end of the forum, there also have a questions from participants to the panelist.

Me, Nazirah, Amalina, Aziela and Hasani.

My friends and I in the auditorium Faculty of Education, UM.
sempat posing smbil dgr seminar..huhu

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