23 September 2010


Today, I got the opportunity to attend "Jamuan Raya" organized by Prof.Madya Dr.Saedah, one of my lecturer in my course. That was the food that my friends and I enjoy eating like Nasi Minyak, Nasi Himpit, Lemang and various kinds of kuih-muih.

This pics showing on the committee who bertungkus lumus, berpeluh2 to settle down the equipments and to ensure that "Jamuan Raya" be handling successfully. yg hebatnyer semua si mana agknye yer si bunga menghilang???huhu..btw congrats 4 all of u Fahrizal, Muslim, Rosli, Zulkhairi, Aniq, Hayyi and Abdillah. Good job!!!

People enjoy eating various kinds of food. On the top pic is the lecturer corner while the other one is students corner. Mostly people enjoy this events. There also some senior in my course who will be graduate this coming Saturday come to join us. So, the foyer fulfill with many people and also various dishes.

Muslim, Nazirah, Ainun (pengantin baru) , me, Fahrizal
tak mlpskn peluang utk snap pic ngn Puan Ainun...hihi

The happier face from us to show that we love posing in front of camera.
pantang nmpk kamera...terus terjah...


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