06 December 2010


Today, I sign in as usual. But it does not mean that I want to write my new entry bcoz there have no story to share. Actually I want to reply all comments in my previous entry, then when I scroll into blog archive it show that I already have 99 entries in my blog. It make me smile and I have an idea to make a new entry....huhu.

Lets joining me in my 100 entry for my blog...

This blog already create by my younger sister on April 2009 since I love to write whatever I have experience in my life. She the one who introduced me in blogging world. She gave a full support and taught me on whatever I don't understands about blogging. Now, this blog already one and half years old. Thanks a lot to my dear Farahim.

Why I am blogging?
The one and only reason that I can gave on that time was I want to keep all experiences and memories from lost. As we grow older our memories that have experience before might be forgotten. So, using this blog I can write and keep it as my diary. That was my reason that I can gave on that time.

Now, if people ask me why I am blogging, I can gave a lot of reasons. You know why? From blogging I can share my experiences with other blogger. I also can get a new knowledge and information that I never know before. It really meaningful for me as a new blogger.

What is the best thing in blogging?
For me, the best thing in blogging is I can have a lot of friends even I never know them personally. It begin by only a silent reader, then left a short greet in the shoutbox and follow by leave a comment in the entry. It show on how the friendship through blogging begin. It just a simple way of friendship but really precious. Thanks to all blogger for this friendship especially K.Nur, K.Nadiah, K.Mizah, K.Yong, Cik Tom, my dear friend Waheeda, Umi, Adila, Tihin, Fahrizal and everyone who come to my blog.

For this time this blog already have 33 followers, even a small numbers but I really appreciate all of them. Thanks for being my super followers. All of you give a support and strength for me to success in blogging. I'm still new and many things that I need to learn for future.


Unknown said...

comel rupanya adik fieza kita ni... bila nak guna signature baru... ;)

keep on blogging.. keep on sharing... keep the friendship...

CIK TOM said...

thanks for being my friend to dear..

Affieza said...

K.Yong: Hmmm..biasa2 je lah jgn puji lebih2 malu sy..huhu..

Oh! Ya nnt sy tukar...

Cik Tom: Nothing is precious but friendship...

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