23 December 2010


Alhamdulillah...after one semester trying my utmost with all the information,books and data, finally my project paper was finished.

First and foremost, I would like to express my praise and gratitude to the Almighty of Allah for giving me the inspiration and patience to finish this project paper successfully.

- My Academic Project -

This project already submitted to my supervisor on 20 December 2010. I feel happy and excited when this project finished. Now it's time for holiday...huhu...Even this project is not really great but I feel satisfied with it.

For this project paper my friends and I was divided into a few groups. Each group consist of six or seven students and one supervisor. Supervisor take the responsible to supervise all our work and guide us to finish this project paper.

- My Project Paper's Team -

Special thanks to my supervisor Associate Prof. Datin Dr. Hajjah Sapora Binti Sipon for her guidance, opinion, time, cooperation and assistance until this project completed successfully.

To my supervisee's team Nor Adila Binti Mohamed Faudzi, Nor Hamizah Binti Razak, Huda Binti Md. Yusoff, Siti Fatimah Binti Yusuff and Mohd Fahrizal Asmy Bin Mohd Ali, thanks a lot for the support and helped to finish this project. Congrats....We are the best!!!

Salam Sayonara to "Bumi USIM". Next semester which is the last semester as a degree students, my friends and I will be in practical area in various kind of organizations. All the best and gud luck to all my friends...


Ainna Jalil said...

Alhamdulillah siap pun keje yeep, pasni tunggu dia punya result la pula kan? sabar je la..

Mrs. Simplicity said...

tahniah! tak penah merasa lg buat thesis. :)

CIK TOM said...

alhamdulillah dah siap....konpem rs best giler kan+lega..

Anonymous said...

akak ada kawan ngajar USIM, ntah2 lecturer Affieza

Affieza said...

Enna: Ha'ah tunggu result lah plk...hrp2 ok lah resultnya.

K.Alyyani: Thanks kak.

Cik Tom: Yup...betul2 rasa best giler dan lega.

K.Fa10: Tq ke kak sape namanye???

Ainna Jalil said...

Insyallah mesti okay punya, i will pray for ur best okay :)

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